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The Morin Protocol - Sore (Or So Foreseen) Album

The Morin Protocol - Sore (Or So Foreseen) Album
Sore (Or So Foreseen)
The Morin Protocol
Avantgarde, Progressive Metal, Post-Metal, Math Rock
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1016 mb
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1732 mb
Not On Label (The Morin Protocol)


1Uncertain Fate
2Chaos In Motion
3Life After Death After Birth
4The Visitor
8 Sore
11To Be
12Under The Coveting
13 Bonus Track
14Purify It


  • Bass, Guitar, VocalsThierry Böhm
  • DrumsThomas Pridgen
  • Guitar, BassPhilip Meihofer
  • Vocals, Guitar, BassMichael Gaevski


  • Matrix / Runout: TMP-S-A - While You Concern
  • Matrix / Runout: TMP-S-B - Where We Belong
  • Matrix / Runout: TMP-S-C - Reconsider Yourself
  • Matrix / Runout: TMP-S-D - Keep The Chill


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